Contrasting the Mind of Christ to the Mind of Man

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus…” (Phil. 2:5)

As we grow in our likeness to Christ in the sanctification process, it has seemed important to me to develop the mind of Christ. I am not there! But it has been an interest of mine to think about how our own minds and thinking compare, or contrast, with that of Jesus.

(The list below is not exhaustive. Maybe you can help me by adding your thoughts to this process.)

The Mind of Christ  Bible ReferenceThe Mind of Man
1. Return good for evil.  Matt. 5: 39Pay back evil for evil.
2. Love your enemies.  Matt. 5:44Hate your enemies.
3. Disperse wealth.  Matt. 6:19 Mark 10:21Accumulate wealth.
4. Rejoice in persecution.  Matt. 5:10 Rom. 5:3Avoid trouble.
5. Understand that God can do anything.Luke 1:37 Mark 9:23God is unable to help us.
6. Rewards are subject to God’s discretion.Matt. 20:9-13, 15We are paid by the hour.
7. Children are prized.Mark 10:13, 14Children are not as important as adults.
8. Judge righteous judgment.John 7:24Judge according to appearance.
9. Harboring evil thought is sin.Matt. 5:27No sin unless action accompanies thought.
10. Marriage unnecessary in Heaven.Mark 12: 24, 25Marriage is prized on Earth.
11. Each soul valuable to God.Luke 12: 6, 7 James 2:9Some people are better than others.
12. Endeavor to serve all.Mark 9:34 John 13:14Pay attention to “greatness.”
13. Wealth not important in God’s economy.Luke 6:24 Matt. 19:24Important to have money.
14. Don’t pamper the flesh.Eph. 2:3Satisfy your bodily appetites.
15. Depend on God.Prov. 3:5  Depend on yourself.  
16. Give thanks for what has been given.I Thess. 5:18 Col. 3:15Grumble about what has not been given.
17. Trust God.Phil 4:6 Luke 19:26Fear and be anxious.
18. Need to die to self to be fruitful.Matt. 16:24 John 12:24Look out for yourself.
19. Value diversity.  I Cor. 12: 4 I Cor. 1: 10Form divisions based on opinions.
20. Rejoice when things go wrong.Acts 16:25 Phil 4:4Rejoice only when things go right.
21. The value of what we give (or withhold) cannot be humanly determined.Mark 12:42-43The value of what we give (or withhold) is measurable in dollars and cents.
22. Prepare for impending doom.II Peter 3: 4, 7  Believe things will always go on, as before.
23. We cannot always know why trouble comes.John 9:2 Job 2:3Trouble always happens to somebody who did something wrong.
24. Have mercy on the erring who are repentant.John 8:3-5 John 8:10Condemn the erring.
25. Earthly wisdom brings no spiritual favor.I Cor. 1: 19Earthly wisdom is a mark of distinction
26. Physical suffering is good; helps us learn obedience, and helps us comfort other people.Heb. 5:8 II Cor. 1:6Physical suffering is bad! Try to avoid it.
27. Time means little to God.II Pet. 3:8 Jas. 5:7The human has a time-specific agenda.
28. Biological families seem not to be of crucial importance to God.Matt. 12:48-50 Matt. 23:9 Ruth 1:16We form groups in family units.
29. Doesn’t receive honour from other people.John 5:41, 44We gladly receive honour from other people, more so than from God.
30. Lives life with a basic sense of joy, gladness, and mirth.Heb. 1:9  Ps. 45:7Grumbles and sulks when things go badly
31. We have enough, but need to give it all to Jesus.Matt.14:17 Matt. 15:34 II Cor. 8:12We’re going to run out of what we need.
32. Rejection and grief are accepted as from the Father.Is 53:3Rejection and grief are to be avoided.
33. Interested in strengthening Christ’s body (the church).I Cor. 14:12 (Paul’s writing)Interested in strengthening our own physical body.
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